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We provide Amazing Tablet Repair

Longer Lifespan

Our tablet service is all inclusive and meant to keep your tablet going for longer.


Software Services

Having problems with software or lost or corrupted files? We can help.



Having some problems with lag and loading dialogs? Whenver possible upgrades are a common way to help.


Manufacture Defects

Sometimes it happens, the screen cracks or the case cracks. It doesn't have to stay that way - CGR can help with the repair today.


Unexpected Damage

We've seen and fixed it all, from accidental fire to swatting bees with a laptop, whatever the cause and whatever the damage we can help.


Any Other Service

At CGR our goal is the highest quality service you can receive while your Tablet is under repair. Have a question? Just ask our friendly staff.

It Happens

Open a Ticket

Opening a ticket is easy and fast. Simply login to the portal, click "New Ticket" fill out some basic information and click submit. If you've requested a label to send your Tablet in it will be provided via email as soon as we process your repair request.

Send for Repair

Package your Tablet making sure to include the ticket name you provided and drop it off at your local shipping carrier. If you selected a shipping label to be emailed to you drop your package at a Fedex store or drop box. You can track your package online.

Receive your Tablet Back

Most repairs are completed and shipped back out the day they are received, the few exceptions are uncommon repairs. Track the repair progress and notes in your portal. You will receive an email with the tracking for your Tablet as soon as it is packaged.

Here are some of the most common repairs and services:

  • LCD Replacements
  • Bezel Replacements
  • Button Replacements
  • Software Repair
  • Logic Board Repair
  • Charging Port Repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Touch Repair
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