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When you’re looking for the best laptop repair service, CGR is the easy choice for a quick repair! Our certified technicians are prepared to handle any damaged laptop with skill and attention to detail.



When you’re in need of a tablet repair, visit the professionals at CGR. From cracked screens and water damage to broken buttons and malfunctioning batteries, you can depend on our professional technicians for quick, budget-friendly repairs.



If you’re in need of a mobile repair, depend on the experts at CGR! From the iOS to Android, CGR fixes mobiles of all makes and models. Contact us now for a free estimate on your mobile repair services.

iOS & OSx Repairs

Comprehensive Repairs for iPads, iPhones and Macs.

Our team has a long history working with Apple devices. From basic repairs such as screen replacements or new batteries, to charging errors and software repair, Certified Gadget Repair has you covered.

Regardless of your repair need, our team of service professionals is ready to help resolve your device problem. Whether you have one Macbook with a dead battery or one thousand iPads with broken screens you receive our five star service and live online tracking for your repairs.

Macbook iPad iPhone


The fastest growing deployable devices: Our Specialty

Chromebooks are rapidly becoming the dominant force of deployed devices because of their low cost coupled with high usability. CGR has been working with Chromebooks for years having specialized in all hardware repairs from all manufacturers.


Online Repair Tracking

No CGR repair goes undocumented with all information immediatly available online to our customers through Copilot.

Discounted Repairs

By servicing so many customers in the business and education space, we service vast quantities of devices every day. As with many services, the higher the volume the lower the price for you.

Tested Procedures

Every step of our repair process, from opening a ticket to receiving your repaired device back, is well thought out, planned and documented.

Winning Service

CGR's service team is not just your dedicated Account Rep., everyone at CGR is committed to providing our customers with a great experience from start to finish.

Data Exports

Need to provide accurate, up-to-date reports on repairs both completed and in progress? No problem, curated data exports are available.

Ready for Take Off

Ready to get started? Contact us here or keep reading to learn about more specific services.