Welcome to CGR

Your one stop for wireless device repair. From phones to laptops, cracked screens and liquid spills we have you covered.

It happens, we'll help.

As mobile devices become more and more part of everyday life, they are exposed to more risks. From drops, to liquid to just wearing out. Whatever the problem, CGR is here to help.

Great Service

You'll be surprised how painless repair can be.

Welcome to CGR
Certified Gadget Repair

Home of the designed-for-you repair dashboard: Copilot.

No more hassle. No more wondering what is really going on with your repairs.

Chrome iPad
One Database

Repair Tracking

Your device information and repair details are all found in one place. Repair ticket tracking starts when a device is sent in for repair. Incoming shipping labels are available immediately.

Fast Processing

Most repairs same day

No hold ups. Fast processing with fast repair. Our average time in house for a repair is one business day. Paired with a top tier service team and industry low pricing, CGR is your home for wireless repair.

Every need is unique

Flexible & Custom

No two repair needs are alike. Whether it's a handful of tablets, a fleet of phones or a deployment of laptops, CGR is ready to step up to the servicing of your devices.

Even more Repair Options

We have a team of technicians with specialities in every level of repair. If it's broken, it can be fixed.

Liquid & Water

Liquid exposure does not mean that your device will never work again.


Glass & LCD

One of our most common repairs, completed with the highest quality service you should expect.


Battery Replacements

Low battery life compromising the work day? We will replace it for you!


Accidental Damage

Accidents come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what happened, we can fix it.


Drops & Pops

If a drop has broken a casing or popped a housing apart, it also can be fixed.



Even if the damage is not obvious, or the cause is not known, we can find it and go from there.

Easily Understandable & Customizable.

Simply Repair

CGR specializes in repair, taking pride in the simple idea and process of keeping things working instead of replacing them.

Status Updates Sent Monthly
Repairs Completed
Happy Customers
Average Hours In House

Online Support

Instantly have most of your repair questions answered by logging into your dashboard.

Attention to Detail

CGR is paying close attention to the unique needs of your institution and is applying processes to suit your needs.

Highest Ranked Quality

Top ranked quality from service to repair to overall quality.

Repair Ticketing

Repair ticketing allows you to designate repair details, and even attach more than one ticket to your device.

Custom Settings

Custom settings change everything from repair pricing structure, to automated fedex label generation.

25 Point QA

Extensive Quality Assurance checks ensure your device meets our standards before shipping

Ideas Matter

CGR uses new ideas to adapt to the changing market needs. Sometimes new ways of thinking improve your experience.

First Class Repair

At CGR, repair is the cornerstone of our business. We employ every effective repair strategy to ensure only the highest quality work leaves our facility.

Shipping Options

With Fedex built in, shipping rates are low. You can also receive shipping labels to send in your devices, at any speed.

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Deployment Servicing Schedule

All electronic devices fade over time. Usually in performance. Physical wear and tear can take its toll from year to year as well. CGR offers year over year turn-in repair services to keep your devices operational.

Service schedules are an option to submit devices in bulk, usually during a recess or break, to be repaired, upgraded or reset. Reducing the cost of replacement devices and keeping your overall overhead minimal over the year.

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